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Monday, March 29, 2004

The first day at a new job --went off rather uneventfully with loads of stuiff to get used to. Not as much in-your-face pressure as in the factory but a more Light-but-Long touch , also was able to gaze at some of the myriad ways in which I can dig my grave.
A fine day, cloudy and balmy, hope we get more of these.The multitudes of Bombay speed zippily on their merry way.
There are 4 fine lawn tennis courts behind my office window--it would be a brave soul wagering against me getting the green-eyed devil very soon. It may serve as a welcome distraction from work too ( not that I intend doing any )

India piles on the misery-the pudgy one gets a triple c, the vain SRT gets another c, I rest my case--any road this match will peter out to a draw...

Resisted the temptation to watch 'Signs " on the telly yesterday--these are portentous indeed, many a weary day has passed since a last saw a movie to its culmination. Fortunately, Eros is not even a stone's throw away !!

Saw a humongously pretentious programme called " Trial by Fire" on CNBC --hosted by Derek O brien--filled to the brim with inanities like please come up with a sales, marketing strategy and adline in 2.1 seconds--I shidder to think what would have happened if someone from Karad calling themselves " Sardar Patel Institute of Management" had won, as opposed to the IIM-A team which did. Maybe the sponsors would seen through the commercial side too.

It's been a very long time that I have moved this little in a day's work--got to watch myself here-Bombay is a shady place.

Have a hectic travelling schedule ahead of me this week, hope the mind does not buckle under.

I am forced to acquiesce to the diabolic machinations of corporate life, will have to get a credit card soon-what will the world come to next !

Off to window shop at the nearest book store, and hopefully not yield to the epicurean charms of "Croissants etc" outlet.


Sunday, March 28, 2004

Got the fear of God just now when I tried blogging in and found that the screen spoke an incorrect password--the trouble of course is all of the hard work has been done by the good ol' Ramanand and am a rabbit trapped in the headlights without his tech support. Thank God, am in !!

Left behind all bucolic delights of S' pur yesterday, in favour of the crass commercialism of Bombay. Twas a nostalgic day , however, hopefully managed to put in a personal word to all who have helped and supported ( without geting into Oscar acceptance speech patois). Four close ones made the trip to the dim precincts of the station. Must have accumulated a few good acts because I did manage to catch the rerun of SAREGAMA, anchored by the insufferable Shaan. I will try not to dwell on the sinful Apple crumble pie which accompanied my nodding to the songs.

The " JAHAN-E=KHUSRO" festival has come and gone yet again, so so near and yet so far--this time someone at the factory claimed to actually know the Israeli chaps who came in and did so well. Maybe, Bombay will help here !!

Took the 0925 flight to Bombay, a welcome and restful departure from the 0615 flight to Calcuta that has been my wont over the last 18 months. Got into a bit of strife in finding a saloon and was about to think malicious thoughts of this dreaded city when I espied one. The need to shear my dreadlocks has been pressing and now finally I weigh less.

Saw the Test ( I saw someone write " Test"--pun intended'' in a news column, that was quite hilarious !) where the Najafgarh exorcist slay the bowlers like Ghatotkacha on song at night against the hapless Kauravas. I dunno, I think it is increasingly common to see batsmen dominate in placed conditions. The Wall failed, which suggests that Dravid may actually have emotions enough to deliver when it matters more. SRT as usual-banal, watchful, selfish, boring--try as I might, I cannot like the fella.

Traipsed the by-lanes near the hotel--many many book shops, a nearby cricket ground at Churchgate where I saw an incredible 17 matches being played simultaneously--reminiscent of the T Nagar grounds in Madras. Small wonder that all Indians are such haberdashers with the bat.

Awaiting the match of the season--Arsenal take on Man U -hopefully my team will win and rub the nose of the conceited Reds once more.

Had the endure the ignominy of asking my flight neighbour to help switch the mobile phone off ( Nokia , previously with the person whose role I take over ) Wonder what she must have thought !!!

A new life beckons tomorrow, meanwhile the world waits, passes by, drones on.....


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I think the excoriating spell of nostalgia is already upon me, every flower , every parrot , seems so far away . I will miss all these flora and fauna in the unforgiving gallis of Bombay.

I am still a little unclear on beginning the process of starting to apply the 5-S methodology about my belongings here--that will have to be done anyway.
Have not yet handed over my portfolio yet, will have to think of that too.

India waits for tomorrow's " Final"--we have played well enough and let us not get overawed by the occasion .
Had an interesting conversation with a friend on how Pepsi still finds favour despite being the sponsor of the Pak cricket team.
Thank God that Kaliis did not get his century--IMHO, the luckiest chappie ever to have an average of over 50, undeservedly so.

Going to play badminton now--the last time surely, some happy memories here in the futile pursuit to lose weight.


Monday, March 22, 2004

Spent the last three days of the past week scurrying around the " beats" of this town with a " Dealer Salesman", all this part of an endeavour to imbue the summarily detached myriad actions of the Human Resources fraternity with pragmatism and a feel of the "grass root" level work--"kaam hota kaise hai ". Methinks the proposition has worked well as I not only lasted the course ( without ending up " dead-beat") but also managed to extort a fair deal of usable stuff from the unfortunate person showing me the ropes. Expectedly, it's a hard day's night for these guys and a thankless call too.

Watched the Indians clinically take the Pak attack apart yesterday--have heard some strains of match-fixing already. Dravid and Kaif are the most un-flamboyant blokes around, perhaps the best brains too, and they took the side home with yards to spare. I still cannot decipher the sacrilege of leaving out Saqlain Mushtaq repeatedly.

On the verge of clearing out my current abode, begun the heart-rending process once more yesterday.
And I have many cobwebs to go before I sleep !!


Thursday, March 18, 2004


I experienced another facet of corporate life today. Ploughed the fallow furrows of the dusty by-lanes of Saharanpur with the Dealer Salesman of the Wholsale Distributor. All this frenzy is a by-product of my Marketing Induction on the field, to enhance the preparedness ( and perhaps minimise damage ) when I begin my new assignment in Bombay.

It was a sweltering day, made all the more arduous by trudging about 8 kms. on foot, and made my work-related woes fade into oblivion--Boy, do I have it easy or what !! It also exposed me to the vulnerability of the market-leader hegemony that I am so ensconced with, in ITC.

More about this later.


Monday, March 15, 2004

It's great to be back even though it's been a frenetic fortnight with all the touring and learning. I spent the period between 2nd & 10th March crouched in Bombay, learning the ropes at the District Office where I shall head come end-March.
It's a tale straight out of the Odyssey, Colaba ( where I shall stay ) is where I spent my formative years as a toddler. It must be still the same, I don't recall too much of the experience, my folks do, however, and they maintain that such an enfant terrible was not seen before or since.
The office has its advantages--very close to the Beach and rather leafy and open ( not claustrophobic) --OK this is the road I describe, not the confines of the office itself.

I did see the tantalising last few overs of the Indo-pak match--am still flummoxed as to how Pakistan lost--a great start for the series although I'm sure the warmth in the Pakistani cricket-lovers' hearts will wane if India pulls off one more tomorrow.

The usual domestic chaos in trying to pack all for the move--that will keep me busy for some time.

To round off, the ever-so-helpful Reliance guys have barred outgoing calls on the mobile.


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