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Monday, March 29, 2004

The first day at a new job --went off rather uneventfully with loads of stuiff to get used to. Not as much in-your-face pressure as in the factory but a more Light-but-Long touch , also was able to gaze at some of the myriad ways in which I can dig my grave.
A fine day, cloudy and balmy, hope we get more of these.The multitudes of Bombay speed zippily on their merry way.
There are 4 fine lawn tennis courts behind my office window--it would be a brave soul wagering against me getting the green-eyed devil very soon. It may serve as a welcome distraction from work too ( not that I intend doing any )

India piles on the misery-the pudgy one gets a triple c, the vain SRT gets another c, I rest my case--any road this match will peter out to a draw...

Resisted the temptation to watch 'Signs " on the telly yesterday--these are portentous indeed, many a weary day has passed since a last saw a movie to its culmination. Fortunately, Eros is not even a stone's throw away !!

Saw a humongously pretentious programme called " Trial by Fire" on CNBC --hosted by Derek O brien--filled to the brim with inanities like please come up with a sales, marketing strategy and adline in 2.1 seconds--I shidder to think what would have happened if someone from Karad calling themselves " Sardar Patel Institute of Management" had won, as opposed to the IIM-A team which did. Maybe the sponsors would seen through the commercial side too.

It's been a very long time that I have moved this little in a day's work--got to watch myself here-Bombay is a shady place.

Have a hectic travelling schedule ahead of me this week, hope the mind does not buckle under.

I am forced to acquiesce to the diabolic machinations of corporate life, will have to get a credit card soon-what will the world come to next !

Off to window shop at the nearest book store, and hopefully not yield to the epicurean charms of "Croissants etc" outlet.


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