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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Pride and Many Prejudices 

In another reckless display of mind-boggling conceit and superciliousness, He of the grating Jayanagar- meets-Jacksonville accent, held forth another contrived media ode on the pretext of recording His reactions on the afore-mentioned strutting s.-a.p. of I’s c. leaving the N-company.

Amongst various facts that he revealed were his having personally selected the Acolyte over thirty years ago, his certainty at the latter’s taking the time to attend his US-settled daughter’s impending marriage and the proximity that he shared with His wife owing to a similar native place. Yet his unabashed pronouncement at being the latter’s biggest critic and a resultant inability of the latter to challenge or contest Him since He was the boss were galling , as were visible pride in calling the shots and yielding to none when his mind was made up.

A final sign of hubris was his vain admittance of handing the s.-a.p. of I’s c. a jersey with his name and the organization’s name inscribed as a parting gift being a Eureka inspired blaze of Lightbulb genius from his son across the seas. Yes, the same lad who the doting father cockily averred as being capable to get any post he wanted in the N-company, since there was “nobody as qualified as him”.

Eerily similar to an academically-challenged lad who had reportedly stated that he could have been the P.M at 25.

P.S—Talking of jerseys.the jury is still out if the Fed actually had a jersey with “15” tucked away somewhere previously or some sponsor ran out with it after Roddick’s dreams were dusted away.


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