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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What the well-dressed man is wearing 

After ample coverage of the mayhem dished out to unprotesting “fabric” and self-conscious models during the yawnfests also known as fashion shows, the scene shifts to embarrassing a hitherto content and silent section of our population. It is the season of the relatively low-key Gladrags Mrs. India where a politically motivated set of organizers attempt to set aright the balance.

The ads that proclaim the high levels of competition alas also pander to the most clichéd of ideals – the lady contestants are swathed in swirling silk and demurely draped in sarees, a vermilion dot that you couldn’t miss for its sheer size and more bangles than you’d find in most shops. Are there no other ways of representation, folks ?

Till we actually cringe at the questions I can imagine that may be posed, it’s over to Evening Gown Presentation, Public Speaking, Voice Modulation, Enunciation, Body Language, Proper Attire and Leadership Skills !


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