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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


And presently, there he was ! So after long last, as was ordained, our paths crossed through the reliable radio amidst the cacophony of those polluting v. many floors below.

Let’s get the facts out of the way.
It is a He, most definitely. A most effeminate and unmanly He, but a He nevertheless .
The first name is Gerry, as in Gerry-can, gerry-mander.
And the second is Sein-f-e-l-d, not Seinfieldt or Sinefield or any variation thereof. And he calls himself a situational comedian who bases his material on his observationalism, or something like that. He proceeded to demonstrate that by telling a very bad joke, which reminded me of the Annu Kapoor line in Mr. India that now I see that I cannot see etc.

In his attractively quaky frog-meets-Orlo Watkins voice, he narrated the story of how he began his standup comedy ( presumably as there were not enough chairs going around at home !), and how he spontaneously “consumes elements of humour from Life” as it passes him by. What a drip !

And sadly, there was no mention of Superman, or of that loony friend of his who poses with the New York Mayor who is forever honouring him for his contribution to that great city, nothing at all on Soup Nazis or Goulash Gestapo, for that matter.

All I divined was he was playing the role of a bee, Barry in his latest film Bee Movie where he had a starring speaking role. And as he droned on , I responded to his excellent characterization -zby falling into deep breathing and mouthing the letter he appeared fondest of – Z-z-z-z !


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