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Monday, March 15, 2004

It's great to be back even though it's been a frenetic fortnight with all the touring and learning. I spent the period between 2nd & 10th March crouched in Bombay, learning the ropes at the District Office where I shall head come end-March.
It's a tale straight out of the Odyssey, Colaba ( where I shall stay ) is where I spent my formative years as a toddler. It must be still the same, I don't recall too much of the experience, my folks do, however, and they maintain that such an enfant terrible was not seen before or since.
The office has its advantages--very close to the Beach and rather leafy and open ( not claustrophobic) --OK this is the road I describe, not the confines of the office itself.

I did see the tantalising last few overs of the Indo-pak match--am still flummoxed as to how Pakistan lost--a great start for the series although I'm sure the warmth in the Pakistani cricket-lovers' hearts will wane if India pulls off one more tomorrow.

The usual domestic chaos in trying to pack all for the move--that will keep me busy for some time.

To round off, the ever-so-helpful Reliance guys have barred outgoing calls on the mobile.


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