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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I think the excoriating spell of nostalgia is already upon me, every flower , every parrot , seems so far away . I will miss all these flora and fauna in the unforgiving gallis of Bombay.

I am still a little unclear on beginning the process of starting to apply the 5-S methodology about my belongings here--that will have to be done anyway.
Have not yet handed over my portfolio yet, will have to think of that too.

India waits for tomorrow's " Final"--we have played well enough and let us not get overawed by the occasion .
Had an interesting conversation with a friend on how Pepsi still finds favour despite being the sponsor of the Pak cricket team.
Thank God that Kaliis did not get his century--IMHO, the luckiest chappie ever to have an average of over 50, undeservedly so.

Going to play badminton now--the last time surely, some happy memories here in the futile pursuit to lose weight.


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