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Monday, March 22, 2004

Spent the last three days of the past week scurrying around the " beats" of this town with a " Dealer Salesman", all this part of an endeavour to imbue the summarily detached myriad actions of the Human Resources fraternity with pragmatism and a feel of the "grass root" level work--"kaam hota kaise hai ". Methinks the proposition has worked well as I not only lasted the course ( without ending up " dead-beat") but also managed to extort a fair deal of usable stuff from the unfortunate person showing me the ropes. Expectedly, it's a hard day's night for these guys and a thankless call too.

Watched the Indians clinically take the Pak attack apart yesterday--have heard some strains of match-fixing already. Dravid and Kaif are the most un-flamboyant blokes around, perhaps the best brains too, and they took the side home with yards to spare. I still cannot decipher the sacrilege of leaving out Saqlain Mushtaq repeatedly.

On the verge of clearing out my current abode, begun the heart-rending process once more yesterday.
And I have many cobwebs to go before I sleep !!


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