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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Got the fear of God just now when I tried blogging in and found that the screen spoke an incorrect password--the trouble of course is all of the hard work has been done by the good ol' Ramanand and am a rabbit trapped in the headlights without his tech support. Thank God, am in !!

Left behind all bucolic delights of S' pur yesterday, in favour of the crass commercialism of Bombay. Twas a nostalgic day , however, hopefully managed to put in a personal word to all who have helped and supported ( without geting into Oscar acceptance speech patois). Four close ones made the trip to the dim precincts of the station. Must have accumulated a few good acts because I did manage to catch the rerun of SAREGAMA, anchored by the insufferable Shaan. I will try not to dwell on the sinful Apple crumble pie which accompanied my nodding to the songs.

The " JAHAN-E=KHUSRO" festival has come and gone yet again, so so near and yet so far--this time someone at the factory claimed to actually know the Israeli chaps who came in and did so well. Maybe, Bombay will help here !!

Took the 0925 flight to Bombay, a welcome and restful departure from the 0615 flight to Calcuta that has been my wont over the last 18 months. Got into a bit of strife in finding a saloon and was about to think malicious thoughts of this dreaded city when I espied one. The need to shear my dreadlocks has been pressing and now finally I weigh less.

Saw the Test ( I saw someone write " Test"--pun intended'' in a news column, that was quite hilarious !) where the Najafgarh exorcist slay the bowlers like Ghatotkacha on song at night against the hapless Kauravas. I dunno, I think it is increasingly common to see batsmen dominate in placed conditions. The Wall failed, which suggests that Dravid may actually have emotions enough to deliver when it matters more. SRT as usual-banal, watchful, selfish, boring--try as I might, I cannot like the fella.

Traipsed the by-lanes near the hotel--many many book shops, a nearby cricket ground at Churchgate where I saw an incredible 17 matches being played simultaneously--reminiscent of the T Nagar grounds in Madras. Small wonder that all Indians are such haberdashers with the bat.

Awaiting the match of the season--Arsenal take on Man U -hopefully my team will win and rub the nose of the conceited Reds once more.

Had the endure the ignominy of asking my flight neighbour to help switch the mobile phone off ( Nokia , previously with the person whose role I take over ) Wonder what she must have thought !!!

A new life beckons tomorrow, meanwhile the world waits, passes by, drones on.....


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