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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Follow the Sun 

To ensure and complete a rich integration of a smooth transfer of learning from the bored-room to the black-and-bored room, the Ingenious Silo of Blah has enunciated their version of beating the street in the wake of recessionary pressures. This heady concoction titled “Chase the Shadowy CEO” engenders students staking a claim to bid for and get a full day to trace the whereabouts of CEOs of their choice who have fallen afoul of the laws of the land.
The need for money to bid has already seen the aspiring students knock the doors of the organizations where these CEOs are from. However, many employees have expressed little interest in funding the search of their truant masters which has whittled the enthusiasm of the young aspirants who crave to walk in the shoes of their corporate icons


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