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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thus Spake Zarathustra 

In retrospect, the lost demeanour of the Indian team at Napier,at least for the first three days, could be attributed to a dreamy Dhoni mumbling thus

“Not really,” said the Indian captain. “When it comes to the mind it depends on what you are feeding into the mind. The mind doesn’t know if it’s Napier or not. You come and say this is Napier it believes it’s Napier, you say it is day it believes it is day because it’s about how you treat the mind.

“If you see, it is abstract. (For instance) when people say he’s in form, nobody has seen form. It’s a state of mind where you are confident and you think very positively and everything you think about is very achievable. It’s about how you treat the mind. One day here, one day there doesn’t really make a difference,” he said.

Asked to elaborate — specifically on the roles of coach Gary Kirsten and mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton — Dhoni said, “Frankly its one of the most difficult things to do since it is abstract. It gets very difficult to express it — what I want to say and what will come out in words will be different.

Indeed it has !!


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