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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Continental Drift Theory 

In a sad move that may yet derail the world’s biggest democratic fair, the Insatiable Pecuniary League has moved house to the Republic of South Africa, abetted by dreamy visions of balmy weather and barmier viewers who would now safely relied upon to spend most of their summer days watching coloured cricketers in coloured clothing pretend to immerse themselves in the wonderful game of Ten10.

In a related-but-not-inspired move, the Egregious Primetime Labyrinth has also thought it prudent, guided by the same Met’s forecast of April-is-the-cruellest-month prognoses, to move h. to the Kingdom of Lesotho. Sources close to the ground state that the fact that Lesotho is a constitutional monarchy and protects civil liberties just like England may have something to do with this. The twenty teams that make up the Egregious Primetime Labyrinth can be easily divided into the ten districts that make up the landlocked nation, and this will also avoid situations like six teams having London as their home base causing frequent rioting in the capital.

A wag (Ed-Not a WAG!) added that Cristiano Ronaldo had been reportedly trying to get in touch with Duntero Gmatayi ,Miss Lesotho who is based in Maseru.


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