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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If God Was a Banker 

The few readers ( Ed—Yeah, both of them !) will note that I assiduously maintain a Worst Reads List and while most writers given half a chance would vehemently argue against any of their works being placed in that exalted category, every now and then something comes along that facilely cuts through the clutter and ensconces itself at Pole Position for the year with more than five months yet to go.

Actually, generations to come will scarce believe that one such as this was written…...

A sordid tale of corporate avarice, ruthless ambition, machinations and sleaze plagues the book as the relative rise and fall of two corporate friends are persisted with. The quite brazen plot (Ed—Plot ? It must be ploughed !) is embellished by moral platitudes of incredible imbecility, a mindless rehash of parables mixed up with organizational shenanigans is presented as taking the story forward and one of the most lop-sided characterizations I have seen for a long time make the book by Ravi Subramanian a excruciating backbreaking journey on the wild side. All this generously splashed with the worst piece of writing in English I have seen made me wonder long and hard as to what the purpose of this was.
I can now fully comprehend what a hangovr must feel like !
Yes, in hindsight, an invocation to Him was certainly needed.

A 2.5 on 10 !

Talking of which, our friendly neighbourhood newspaper cheerfully identified a dark slim lady spectator at Wimbledon as the world-famous athlete Katie Holmes.
Elementary, my dear Watson !! Easy, easy there--we ain't in Beijing yet,lads !


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