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Monday, February 05, 2007


When one is caught in unexpected situations, one behaves uncharacteristically, and so goes the Rational Choice Theory (Ed—Well, not really, but we’ll let that pass ! ). Anyway there’s a prominent Indian publication which is equally loved and vilified by the adoring heathen, and whose copy carries a particular page number that is meant to epitomize all that it stands for, or leans against. ( Ed-Again, not true, but fine !)

When I found myself in a waiting room with both hands free along with a habitually vacuous mind, my usually Attention Deficit Disorder surfaced and after some uncomfortable squirming and fidgeting, sure enough found that p. I. P. as described earlier. So after a furtive glance hither and thither, the room long having been emptied of its constituents save one, I proceeded to leaf through the lurid gossip columns, richly coloured photographs and meaningful analysis ( sic ).

Not unnaturally, my perusal ADDuced a striking picture of a long-haired gent and a tall lass with him walking the ramp, or posing at any rate. Curiosity having got the better of me, I looked beneath the photo for the write-up which blithely heralded the arrival of squash champ Ritwik Bhattacharya and snooker champ Jyotsna Chinappa. I can probably think of one or two reasons about the spelling but the sporting association defies logic !
Wonder what the lissome Ms. Pallikal will be mistaken for. A Golf pro, maybe !


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