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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The house crow-Corvus splendens for those in the know, is a common urban resident and has lived happily on most parts of the sub-continent, its interest in Life concomitant with those of callous, tetchy lives. Many of the species profit greatly from the profligacy of many Hindus, who associate these genial birds with sobriety and abstinence and who see them as astral projections of their ancestors, or a variation thereof. In my largely sequestered surroundings, I have found them blameless and have met a few who have found me friendly enough to ignore.

The situation has undergone a change in the recent future where I find the concept of a murder of crows not a reference term to a group of these chaps but a darn good idea. These murderous instincts are borne out of the havoc that one such pillar of society has wreaked upon my antenna. This p. of s. considers it his/her daily dose of fun as he/she gently lowers body weight at the very end of the antenna and slowly tips it over, out of position and permanently consigning my carefully configured reception of radio waves to oblivion. They seem to revel in this ungainly pursuit of schadenfreude, and my long hours of absence from home engenders the antenna defenseless against the predatory wiles of my feathered f(r) iends.

Meri laash ke pahloo mein woh apna khanjar bhool gaye…..

PS : A prominent business channel announced the sad demise of lyricist Naushad…

PS : Another prominent news and analysis maiden eloquently penned her take on Reservations, as inane and addled as her tele self.

PS: A balding cricketer spoke of his belief that captaincy would come as a natural step forward in the life of anyone who played. How I love the IQ cap that BCCI imposes !


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