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Thursday, March 09, 2006


The entire community of resident doctors represented by the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors ( MARD) is on an indefinite strike.

They have raised demands along three lines: security of the resident doctors ( a concern borne out of repeated assaults on doctors, even ladies by unreasonable relatives ) , improvement in working and living conditions and a hike in the stipend ( which as of now is Rs. 8000 per month)

The mainstream media has chosen to highlight the more newsworthy elements of the affair—ailing patients, irate Government officials and the reactions of various luminaries. A few have carried the opinions and entreaties of those on strike, and some radio channels have interviewed the resident doctor representatives who have expressed an unwillingness to back down this time and their need to have their demands agreed to in writing.

The intention of these doctors was never to cause harm to the public, a fact demonstrated by their opening a parallel OPD and running it at risk for the last few days.

MARD has also staged protest marches, signature campaigns and organized other peaceful means of resistance, and have indicated a desire to continue with the strike till their demands are met.

Resident doctors from other states have joined in, and they have received various forms of approval and support from relevant professional bodies.

Their site is at http://www.mardtoday.bravehost.com/ and they need every bit of your support right now.


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