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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


No award ceremony can go by without the worst TV anchors one can imagine crying foul about Indians missing out on the coveted awards doled out as they were sometime in the recent past.

The almost-but-not-quite-the Nightingale should considered a nomination itself –in the universally-pilloried Best Contemporary World Music category, distinctly fortuitous, such was the effort. I have an axe to grind with her genre being considered contemporary but we let that pass.

The Honourable Lama Tashi would have been as stupefied as would his brotherhood of monks for his nomination in the Best Traditional World Music Album (Vocal or Instrumental) category for his album, Tibetan Musical Chants.

I didn’t really know that Anoushka Shankar was referred to as an Indian, having spent most of her living years in the UK and California. But I guess anything that has even a remote Indian connection goes, such is the media frenzy in trying to get the gullible world to buy the “India is going places” story and milk to whatever extent they can ! India is Rising but hasn’t Risen !! ( And if I had a father who was six decades older than I was –okay, I give up—I can’t even imagine that )


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