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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


An epilator is a word in the dictionary of fools. Or so I thought till I saw an advertisement, thus adding another word to a vocabulary ravaged by Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, non-performing dendrites and work, not necessarily in that order. Now where was I ?

The most popular scion of the O’Brien clan, has shaved off the dark outgrowths that undermined his clear-as-crystal baritone in the name of indoor shooting and a smooth finish. He has also begun the forthcoming episodes of the I’m So Talented I Can Cram Pose Sing Dance Paint Bungee jump Pose Play Compose Pose Speak Ride Run Act Pose Confidence Champion Contest. The best place to spot sanctimonious prigs espousing ideals and inanities without a comprehension of either, as the genial DOB eggs ‘em on unabashedly.
Reminds of the Texan who was flummoxed on being pointed out a graveyard where a fellow walker spoke of the honest lawyer , devoted father and conscientious citizen buried there, and came up with an incredulous “ What, they’ve got three men buried in the same place “?

The other celeb who has faced the headlines is the New York based hotelier Vikram Chatwal, who enjoys a hours worked:wealth enjoyed ratio which most New Yorkers would kill for. Which brings us to the fact that although his father is as hirsute as a Sikh can be, the younger man is curiously glabrous, and the fur that remains is almost an afterthought. Perhaps yet another mistaken application by the man of the word we began with..


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