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Friday, November 25, 2005


Now, I know a good many peers, adversaries and others who have been implicitly or explicitly envious of my vision, my outlook, and perspective. I had hitherto shrugged this off as a harmless approbation of another’s visible superiority.

I was served a rude reminder of the pettiness of my cohabitants of this planet when a worthy made off with the equipment that contributed to this vision, and rendered me temporarily unfettred by the tunnel-vision that so trammels thought and sight these days.

Only hitch, I was unable to fully appreciate the pulchritude of those whom I passed by, which might have piqued them a bit.

I am due to attend a seminar beginning soon, which might go like this
What do you think about Point 3 on the slide ?
Huh, you’ve put up a presentation. ? Dunno, can’t see it
Have you analyzed the case given as homework ?
Nope, cannot see it.
Can you summarize the points on the marker board ?
Uh, no, I cannot see ‘em.
So how can you contribute to this discussion ?
Hmm, I can smell that lunch is ready

Small mercies, I have always read without them, and I have never really watched TV in the last few years.

PS—The South African team visited Saharanpur last week, a full year and a half after its most loyal son set sail. Life is cruel !


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