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Monday, October 10, 2005

WIN D'OH's 95

My proven superiority at being able to prognosticate weighty advances in technology coupled with my celerity in adopting them and welding them to my gizmo-savvy lifestyle has resulted in my being several steps ahead of these Luddites. I surprise myself with the time that the rest of the world takes to catch up with my tech prowess but hey, facts are facts.

Now there is this company called Lemon or Apricot or something and they came with up with this slinky plastic piece , called the Ipod or IPOD, or ipod. (Darn, I’m close ! )
I knew of the existence of this slinky p.p. , of course, and I went along the trials and t. of my life, secure that this s.p.p. would not really cross paths with me.
What you cannot see cannot hurt you !

Wrong I was ! I sauntered into the space of one of my colleagues, who was engrossed along with the MIS person in twisting and turning a white incrustation whose thickness led me to stray thoughts of Kate Moss. In my wisdom I turned away thinking that an IC or something had unhinged itself, after all, we’d been yelling the whole year for P-2s. I was upbraided at not recognizing an ipod, as I gasped in dismay.

On closer inspection, I was told that that painfully thin white incrustation could store over 500 songs and only needed connection to a site called loony tunes or something. The humble entreaty to me was to contribute about twenty songs of the fifties which I took about ten minutes to do. When I say contribute, I mean just providing the name, as I am not a warbler.

And then the ipod and I went our separate ways….. a little sorry, a little relieved, but glad for the fleeting moment when our lives were intertwined.


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