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Monday, August 22, 2005


Yet another era in the glorious annals of Indian cinema melted away, another Great in the Pantheon of Reel Heroes segued into the sunset today. Matinee idol, heart-throb of the swooning masses, shimmering star of the tinsel galaxy, and performer above par excellence, Faizal Khan decided to quit fims today. The news, quickly relayed to all the news agencies & television channels of Mumbai, understandably caused a hullabaloo in the entire country.

Faizal ,who cited pursuit of more meaningful purposes in life as the main reason for his jettisoning a splendiferous Bollywood career, spoke of setting up an acting school as his ideas for the next decade. His record of four successive National awards may never be perhaps be bettered.
Chandrachur Singh now reigns supreme at the Box Office.


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