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Monday, May 30, 2005


Arrogance and hubris have been qualities imputed to me on many an occasion—in my defense, I have never really behaved thus and in fact, have done my best in toning down this unbecoming trait over the years. As my detractors would argue, these endeavours are far too little and rare.

I spent most of this Saturday in office wrestling with an insuperable pile of work that could not have been wished away. Part of the laundry list of meetings lined up was a visit by a Summer intern for some data spadework, for which approval from Hades had been diffidently queried, and was graciously granted.

The only mitigating circumstances for my jaundiced views on what occurred could have been—a headache that was persistent and discomfiting, and the Aegean stables of work as stated. In fact, my session with the new set of pups was more than redeeming and fruitful, so my disposition may have been near its sunny self.

The lady in question was assigned a time of half past twelve; she wafted in at a quarter past one. As there was no evidence of any forthcoming explanation or expiation, on my questioning , I was peremptorily told that the person was in a meeting. Throughout the meeting, the brusqueness and taciturnity of the person asking for information was startling, and I felt that it was I being done a favour by the contumacious insolence of this individual. Post meeting, I could think of only two professionals in all my life who came across as this repugnant and despicable.

Yes, the person was from perhaps the Best B-School for the profession, and in summers for a firm that was the most elitist and prized. Yet I suffered…..
Maybe I needed to communicate this to the Project Guide, but then either I let hell break loose in broad daylight, or I hold my peace.
Let me save my stamina for wars worth winning…


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