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Monday, April 11, 2005


Two paths diverged on a dingy building,
I wept cos’ I couldn’t take both, one dull and one spellbinding
I stood there, craning my neck this way and that
Till the bumbling masses on my shoulder said Scat’!

One led to the Talwalkars’ arcadia
The signage said “Ladies buxom and shapely are made here”
A thought started to spring but I niftily nipped it in the bud
That I was already overweight from chewing too much cud
Although I am off beef, broth and beer.

I turned a surly eye to my left
Where a score awaited, some with a cleft
I had been diag-nosed with undecipherable complications
That needed rest, rupture and even hallucinations
So I nixed the Talwalkar idea and sat bereft.

Someday, I know I’ll say this with a sigh
Because even as I write this, poetry does die
Two paths diverged, and I took the one more dreary
That did very little to make me cheery
That’s still better than my getting leery.

(Ed—Thanks Pablo,that should make it to the TOI Book page ! )


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