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Thursday, April 14, 2005


An untrammeled existence devoid of the pestilential pieces of putrid plastic that answer to the name of credit cards, spare a brief but torrid affair for just over five months, is in grave danger of coming to a jarring end. An officious and importunate salesman, bless ‘em, they are the salt of this planet, wormed his way in past my stolid defenses and got me to sign somewhere. Following which the mandatory Courier lad showed up at my office today-all spry and ready to reel the unsuspecting fish in.

He quickly and efficiently recited his list of which I was peremptorily asked to supply any one and hostilities would cease.

Not so fast.

Company ID ?
I don’t bring it to office. Why should I ?

Ration ID ?
Hmmm !

Driving License?
Can drive….people nuts.
Can’t drive, hence no license.

Voter Identity Card ?
I’m devoted, but have never voted.

PAN Number ?
I am a pan-Indian, and that’s it.

May I check at your home?
Please help yourself, nobody but me lives there.

This is going nowhere—you have to show something !
How about my visiting card.?
No, that will not do.

We hit a diplomatic impasse.

Ok, can you please please bring your company ID tomorrow ?
Yes, just for you, I will.

After all , Tomorrow is another day.


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