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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Watched Page 3 .

In dark light made worse by the camera used in the film.

Director undecided as to make an over-the-top expose or to let homilies and truisms roll on unthreateningly. Did not pick up too much—I had figured that everyone always knew that most of the menagerie that throng to be in the “news” are self-serving spineless vermin with a penchant for chemicals, liquids, back-biting and other elevated forms of demented shenanigans.
Their stories are swathed in mindless intrigue and secrecy—the trouble is, I could not bring myself to get even a faint whiff of ‘em.

Music lousy.

Protagonist clueless about her own identity and maybe that was the anodyne approach attempted by the director. Let not the main character have a mind of her own—that way all the goings-on in the underbelly of celeb life can be understood with an “open mind’ by the viewer. Interesting, except when this is known to the viewer, then it becomes less a story than a documentary. KSS plays a part, seemingly without an emotional underpinning, and hence is bereft of any percipience whatsoever. Maybe she played her part well.
Difficult to tell with the storyline.

Found the drivers’ epiphanies particularly contrived.

PS : Overheard

1) Aftab Shivdasani & Riteish Deshmukh taking umbrage at the extent of nosiness purveyed by the media into the private lives of celebrities.

2) Celina Jaitley ( Ed—Yes, I know, I know it’s coming ! ) –Who’s she ? Telling a befuddled interviewer “ I have never let my celebrity status affect me” .

Wonder why these folks should agonize over celebrities !!!I mean, how does it affect them ?


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