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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Watch your pinkies !

In my deportment of careless nonchalance, I opened what I thought was a presentation without looking, only to hear the unmistakeable drone of an all-male audience trying to compose, comprehend and croon the opening bars of “You’ll never Walk Alone “ . ( Poems and Presentations make the strangest bedfellows as Files, but you cannot have it all ). So, after an inevitable and inexorable collective cacophonic endeavour, the turgid rivers of musical aspirations abated , Sanity was restored to her throne and we got on to more prosaic affairs.
Returning to the village of half-baked beans. Mark Knopfler’s famous sire, the Great One, will beat him to the tape, and will grace Bangalore with his beneficence on the morrow. And no, he will not sing !
Let's Hear It !!
The household is agog with pleasurable activity—to our profound consternation, the sibling has cracked the All India PG masquerade for the Munnabhais and munni behens of this country. Only Geography and Specialization to be decided.
For my part, I have partaken of some holy victuals in the form of divine chocolate.


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