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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


On the verge of stopping preening at having averted having work on Sunday, and thus saved 15 + 16 + 16 gasping souls from hearing the Learned One pontificate. We were expecting to work on both days of the weekend and so this is a miraculous letoff ( having to work on Saturday till nice, that is ) . Such is the chess of life, to win a rook, you give up a knight ! ( Ed—Good thing you gave up on the game long ago !)

May just have the blundered my way into the best motivator of all—push somebody up the wall, to the brink of Death and Despair , and then let 'em off . They will climb peaks to compensate. Yet, against my personal beliefs.

Almost succumbed to the temptation of throwing the kitchen sink at Amitav Ghosh’s rubbish –trilogy of articles from the Andamans after the tsunami. My overworked brain troops off…. Even the Kishore numbers playing in the background are beginning to sound nice.


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