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Saturday, February 05, 2005


The world’s most cerebrally-challenged cretin held fort expounding the merits of his democracy, and how he wanted rational like-minded denizens to join his apocalyptical battle against every conceivable form of governance. He defined war on his terms, democracy on his terms and rational on his terms. I even think he defined merits on his terms too. So what’s new—Big Brother gets to train his armoury on a enervated group of sickly nations, and the world queues up to support this dastardly incursions.

India is touched to the quick when our pious neighbours show a sign of recidivism and a measured apostasy to any fleeting pretensions to democracy that they may have had. Responds by unilaterally reneging on the SAARC summit which may be the only POA that those like us have to confront reality and comport themselves with some sort of cohesive response to all that has gone wrong and continues to go wrong.
Abominable and insensitive!

I am told that the Maoists of the region are well-wired and their brothers-in-arms bonhomie helps fuel the fires of an ignored, obviated and thwarted people. I am yet to form an opinion on their motives but their force may prove to be unmanageable all of a sudden if the present passage of play continues. I must try and attend a PWG rally the next time I am in AP/Hyderabad but have been forewarned against it.
Pusillanimity pays ?? We’ll find out.


I have gaily pocketed the hafta at letting the gentry off on Sunday.

Just realized that I will never really enjoy being a trainer because I loathe prattling for so long incessantly ( Ed—My, my, we’d ne’er have known !). Made considerably worse by having to three-peat the performance today. So I am now aware of the agony of an ersatz actor forced to mouth platitudes and undergo multiple takes and retakes. It is a disquieting feeling to know that irrespective of the number of shoots, it is the last/present one that matters entirely. So you have to get it right every single time. Heard somewhere that Monroe once was starred with Laurence Olivier and he lamented that every single shot required about 22 takes and she was much better than him because by the time they got it right, he was exhausted and she had just gotten hang of the scene.
I hate speaking as a rule, let alone like a Brazilian soccer commentator so saying the same things thrice was tough on the tongue and mind.

You cannot wallow in glories of the past, real or imagined. It is the Here and Now that counts, and only the Here and Now. How very contrary to my Inner Self—I have scarcely paid attention to the Present in any venture, and I cannot believe that I will do so in future. ( Ed—So do you have an Inner Voice too ? )

Sorry, where was I ?
Never mind !

Come Monday, I will say four different things to four different sets of folks. Should remind the Security Guard on reminding me gently if I mismatch ‘em.


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