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Monday, January 03, 2005


The first working day of the year passed off uneventfully. To my bemusement, it was a great deal better than I had hoped.

To begin with, the power excused itself sometime in the wee hours. So when I stirred and shook myself at about six (Ed—This insidious statement might lead people to believe that is your usual waking time ) , I was engulfed in darkness. Now, nothing particularly unsettling about that—I sleep with no Night Lights, the Sun sleepily enters through the curtain after seven. Nothing at all a premonition of anything remotely disastrous , except that the fan was not whirring. A quick glance was enough to glean that the power as stated, despite the encouraging ramblings of the landlord, had shut shop. Searched high and low for the candles—tough, as I have no clue that I even have candles—gave up, curled up and went back to sleep till there was light. The efficient Baxter-electrician who came in a good two hours after being summoned, diagnosed that the MCB needed replacing.

The credit card company said they were sending down some shirty blokes to ensure that I cough up.( Yeah, the kind that say—We believe in God, the rest—cash please )
The Library is baying for my blood.
My favourite team concedes many many runs.

And my New Year is off to a propitious start. Hurrah !!!


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