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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The NDTV version of news and reporting is finding fresh altitudes—fact laced with liberal doses of a hyperventilated imagination sprinkled with a solipsistic view on events. The grammar is non-existent,-the errors are far too multitudinous and variegated to pursue. On the whole just what the adoring and cerebrally-absent public deserved !

Swades has hit theatres after a phalanx of building up measures.The return of the prodigal son, the “delayering” of India from an outsider’s point of view, the village schoolteacher and an ethnic mellifluosity—all have been documented and placed for consumption. The only quibble I can raise for the moment is that the Sunday Midday Review was done by some Shradha Sukumaran, somebody quite different from Khalid Mohammed. So what happened ?

Was watching Pogo ( Ed- At long last, a channel that matches your IQ ) —came across a Hindi version of a tale on the Three Little Pigs when the angst-ridden troika were referred to as ----------- the Three Little Pigs. Wondered why that was not interpreted in the vernacular.

One of the many aspects about the dubbing of largely English cartoons for an appreciative Hindi-speaking audience that has intrigued and piqued me is the cultural connotations angle. While it might be difficult to translate hot dog, sundaes, doughnuts etc into another language, I guess the reverse would ring equally arduous. What could be overlooked is the fact that the way a word/phrase is mouthed in English could be rendered in ways far more tactless and unsettling in Hindi. That said, the volume of work that must be put into simply keeping the metonymic rhythms and chants going in translation must be stupendous. Still, most programmes that are visual and episodic are done passably well—the ones that have strong narratives or metaphysical content would struggle.

I think any programme on Zoom would be considered a very safe bet for the Razzie.

And now that it’s been almost a year since SRW has retired, the appellation of “Motormouth” can be conferred on Harsha Bhogle.


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