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Friday, December 24, 2004


The life of most mortals is a sordid study in drabness and ordinariness. Yet every now and then, something happens to jolt us out of our apathy, trance-like in our sleepy reveries. Personally, I have always been rather pained and humbled by travel accidents, the massacre of innocents and most forms of suffering. I guess that is why I am not proffering shock and awe to any beleaguered denizen. Hopefully, I do also find some fountain of resilience –Hope Springs Eternal.

The nub of the story is, ahem, an incident that I was associated with the past week. Medically, a Trauma . Nothing much, a handful of blood , some dislodged bones, a dull ache in the reeling head and exacerbation of a existing sinus condition—trifles in the larger scheme of things—didn’t even put me off my newspaper.
( Ed—There was some damage to the brain too, but as the doc had reason to believe that you were cerebrally-unhinged earlier, charges were not leveled )

Was aware even as the earthly body made contact with metal that there would be blood I remember thinking as my life flashed before me ( Ed—Hey, hey—that phrase is for those who have built a nation, invented something, written a Magnum Opus –with you it sounds like ill-advised hyperbole) that I would be lucky to escape with something minor. Well, Lucky I was !


The whole Office is abuzz with X’Mas jingles and carols. Surprising if one considers that most of the gentry has sagely decided to stay home. And the Accounts have to dutifully fight their year-end fires.

Christmas has always been a most inclusive festival—lots of stuff for the kids to do and revel in, nice eats, lights and sound, and some animals get to have a free run. Always good weather abounds too—I almost feel good about Mistletoe, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme-not knowing an iota about what they are!

So, Whistle While You Work !


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