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Saturday, November 27, 2004

What do you give as a birthday present for a three-year old who has everything ? A loving home, lots of paternal care , plenty of pampering, incessant coddling and unwavering and sometimes undivided attention. Well, more of the above is what I plumped for, after passing through that momentary twinge of abject inadequacy when the futility of such a gift dawned on me.

The toddler, in its short life, has already seen and acclimatized itself in four varying settings, braving the heat and dust of the hinterland, coping with teeth-chattering icy winters and buckets of rain. The child has also endured pangs of jealousy, insinuations and aspersions and has somehow turned a deaf ear to uninvited mutterings of distrust. A constant and loyal companion indeed !

So returning to the larger question, what does can one get ??

An unasked-for bottle of cleansing liquid, was all I could muster.


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