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Monday, November 01, 2004


The long vigil has ended, the night has passed, the sheep finds its meadow once more. Time to throw those hats into the air and rejoice, revel –the King is Home, God is in His Heaven and all’s well with the world.

After a hectic week spent running pillar to post, ground floor to the house and knotting up untied ends, I have taken up residence at a building which is about 200 metres from the Office.

It is a picturesque place on the 11th floor ( quite a climbdown from the promontory I was eyeing earlier) , surrounded by a mass of laundered concrete on all its seven sides with a peep at a distant mountain, designed for those poignant moments when one is through with worldly truisms.

Was a chaotic business all the while to unpack—all the while I watched with horror at the sheer weight of stuff that I picked up over the last three houses. Pile after pile of something it was a headache to place, classify and establish—it being almost two months since I had last seen my earthly possessions. Am only a hoot away from markets which have most things that dough can buy, so no fear on that count.

Stout support, encouragement and work from the Father—a rock of Gibraltar able to keep his head while all others him are losing theirs and blaming it on him ( however wretched an ingrate that it may make me appear, that is the Truth, folks and hence must be told ).

Expectedly, the nicest outcomes are my ability to switch from FM to Tape to CD to WorldSpace at a careless waving of the remote without wires and other encumbrances. Another delight was having all the books in one place—some more Seiri Seiton work awaited there but was convulsed with some delight at going through my SCMHRD yearbook. A masterpiece of capturing all that was dear to the Class of 2000. Nostalgia-thy zephyrs waft afresh….

Was elated to find that a colleague listens to some classical stuff at work first thing in the morning. Of course, after work hours ( is this an oxymoron or just a rule impugned with impunity ? ) ,the place hums with vibrant music—pop, bhangra, RDB, Marathi folk but today the strains of what was clearly a thumri took my breath away. Nine in the morning—Monday—first day of the month—right priorities and way to go, man !!

Off to Hyderabad on Wednesday and the Madras on the two days after that. My normally mundane rites of passage rudely jolted by my using Air Deccan for the first time. No, the safety is not the scary part ( remove the door and let the breeze come in , gaaru ) but the ticketing part definitely is. Am supposed to land up at the counter and hand them a printed paper—and that’s it . No ticket, confirmation. Weird !!! Anyway, can plonk myself on any landmass that attracts my attention and say I represent the Vox Populi-the Naxals that is. That’s what what out good ol’ tech mates in the outskirts of Hyderabad have been asked to do--shape out.
Super Tuesday--the Horse versus the Donkey/ Elephant, whatever...
Someone discussing the personal wealth of Messrs. Bush, Kerry, Edwards and Cheney--in comparison all APJAK are his books, rudra veena , love for kids and knaaawledge. It's an unfair world, alright !


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