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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


A good many reviews on “ Terminal “ –the latest flick by the big S—a story that had broken in April or thereabouts, of Merhan Nasseri ( an Iranian ), who is tragically “run out” in his endeavour to reach and find asylum in Europe, gets stranded in Charles de Gaulle airport and stays put. I’m informed SS made a comedy out of it. That’s the typical American Jew Insouciance for you—a chap has no home and the world joins in celebration. Based on my limited experience of airports, this cannot even be a comedy because at the rates at which the airport authorities in India sell water, eats, beverages –one may not find the splintered edge of comedy sharp enough. Tragedy abounds, mate !

Of course, SS is said to gave thrown in angles of countries disappearing—Krakozia is the name a la Ruritania, and Tom Hanks gets his bit at the reportedly insufferable JFK airport. Another moment of sadness, can one imagine what would happen if the concept of Indian-ness or for that matter, Sierra Leone-ness , were to vanish unannounced ( hence my support for the USA Bombers ) . Only that Americans seem to think all other countries are dispensable.

Going by all this, Yours Truly also seems to be a kindred soul with Tom Hanks ----marooned without a home—tis been almost a month that am living out of a burgeoning suitcase in an increasingly-familiar hotel . I also have lost a few of my papers ( the PAN seems to gave gone missing , the passport is miles away ) . In fact in terms of tenure, this can actually count as a separate house in itself.

Liked the Bush scowl-caricatures and Fido-like mannerisms , played out by the US media. The action hots for Super Tuesday, and the world waits with bated breath for a Florida fiasco.

Bought, read and disposed off “ The Case of the Haunted Husband”, another Perry Mason whodunit. Examined carefully, the title is another tautomeric slur—on the lines of “ return back”, “ expedite quickly” , as IMHO ,all husbands are haunted by the spectre of their matrimonial follies.

Also begun reading “ The Romantics” –the supposedly stunning debut of the archetypal khadi-clad Bohemian Pankaj Mishra. Promising so far.

Found a circulating library in the vicinity—designed for the snooty types—happily charges about 20 % of the cover price. Thank God I’ve read “ Ultimate Business “ already—a 1300 page tome.

Met up with old friend Sameer on his birthday yesterday in Andheri—chockful of busy restive people.

Leaving for Gurgaon on a 10-day training trip today.


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