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Friday, October 01, 2004


Returned today after a trip to Gurgaon—a relaxed outing, physically for a change—quota of sleep and rest well met.

True to its schizophrenic ectoplasm, the absolutely unreadable and abominable Times of India ran two editorials the day after the “ categorization” of the celebrated Indian cricketing superheroes;- one speaking about the advantages of having a market-centric approach to pay and eulogizing the “progressive” move, then another just below bemoaning the vile attempt to split the team and denigrating such divisive deeds. I had always though that the editorial was meant to represent the locus standi of the newspaper.

Watched Arsenal play Rosenberg Trondheim ( Hey hey, the rest was just a red herring ! ) in a “Norwegian wood”. No Bergkamp ( fear of flying ) , Gilberto ( for the record books, has not been booked once in his English career –incredible !) , and Wenger too scared to experiment with Fabergas & van Persie. Yet, the Gunners played breathtakingly beautiful football dominating both halves only to draw. Celestially doomed, this team conjures up visions of the inherent pull of this game.

Ensconced in a hotel in Gurgaon called The Bristol ( had indeed thought the tobacco days were over and done with ) –luxurious, languid, bordering on the sybaritic. Spoilt only by a fourth floor view of something that looked like the bottom of the Grand Canyon on bad hair day .
Had a very good action-packed day –the South Asia Region HR conference with presentations on various issues. Addressed by the Zone Head –my first “live” interaction with a non-Indian on the profession-was able to relate on the subject most easily—pragmatic, approachable and with an admirable candour of speech and thought. Followed up with the truly international get-together in the evening. Was actually happy about the events
Completed the “Workplace 2000 “ in two sittings—that’s good going for what is essentially a ponderous and deep book. Some sweeping generalizations, but still remarkably perspicacious for a book written in the 90’s ( Is there a word yet for the period 2000-10 )? ) –a criminal offense on my part not reading this while still in SCMHRD. Mainly on America but would have to say that some data engenders India and Indian companies too.

Returned by an IA craft, and now am in a state of preparedness for the results of the the Great Indian Airtime Readership Survey—a full 98.2 % of people carrying books on flights in the last three months carried a copy of the “ da Vinci Code “ by Dan Brown. ( And 99.3 % of the above don’t make it past the first fifty pages –but that’s an opinion, not a fact ). I detest/abhor/loathe this vast array of pretentious prattlers who are more interested in being seen holding a book than actually reading it—much rather appreciate somebody read an unknown author who gives his two bits of solace/wisdom/companionship to his readers.
Met a wanna-be PYT on a Calcutta flight earlier who was carrying a Marquez. Inexorably drawn like the glowworm to the lamp ( taste lost in translation ) , when I asked an opinion about the book, the response was “ You know, yeah, he is so deep—he has written another called A Hundred Years Alone “—silence for the rest of the trip.

Lots of teddy-bears around in airports—carted around by indefatigable mothers more than saucy toddlers, though.

Quip of the Day
Says Nehar Khan to an intrepid interviewer—How could I have posed for the Norwegian magazine ( again Norway ) when I was 20, when I am still only 19 ?


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