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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


What's common to Avalon, Norita, Birchwood & Valencia ?
Well, if I'd been exhorted to guess,I 'd have said all have roots in the Bard's works or all gave rise to names of football clubs.
Nothing as terribly intricate as all that--these ae the names of the four building where the great one prospected for a house today. Am in the midst of toting up a swot but will reveal the results of this caper later.

After doing my best to complete the veritable agonised and agonising rendezvous with various folks as mandated by my Orienation schedule, I could only scurry for the Panvel home at about 8 pm. " It was a dark and stormy night" sums it up nicely and I scampered and ran, looking neither left or right. I should have, because very soon , I found myself outside a hedge with a much-travelled path through what very evidently was the jungle. Enquired about this and was told confidently told that this was the way to go. Discretion is the better part of valour, what with the downpour, my speed for the 100 dash not being what it was--decided prudently to retrace the whole way back and presently reached the bus stop.
Was taking a call in the rain and in vain trying to not get wet ( Murphy's law on the mobile --the phone will always ring when you cannot reach it ) when espied a bus titled Vashi, which was the intended destination, and hopped in. Ulp, another false move because the bus I should have taken was No. 524 & not 523. Result--the bus I boarded in my misguided haste took the more scenic ( and much much longer ) route and hence was able to reach the precincts of the Vashi Bus Station only by 10 .
All's well that ends well, and managed to reach home safely enough.

Began a Perry Mason that I'd not read ( or not remembered reading, in my dotage , both mean the same )--The Dubious Bridegroom, a tale that had its first scenes right opposite Mason's office. Will not let the cat out of the bag.


Hitherto, the only significance the festival of Janmashtami has had is--it's a holiday ( significant ) and one gets sweetmeats to eat ( even more significant ). But this time , got an entirely new dimension on this thing. Many-colour attired youth ( no plural, please ) descend upon various points of public congregations ( on invitation , I am told ) and endeavour to use collective brawn and brain on breaking the " dahi-handi " which contains curd, water and turmeric.( maximum three attempts per toli ) For this tough task, some asinine politicos have been known to pay sums upwards of Rs. 10 lakhs. All this poses a few questions for me, ( and as I realized also for the perspicacious news reader on my favourite news channel Aaj Tak )--Where does the money come from ? ( wrong question-politics is a very lucrative job )
What is the money for ? ( breaking the pot--seems ludicrous )
If more than one team turns up, then how do we manage ? ( draw of lots, perhaps )

I could be reading too much into this seemingly innocent religious fervour-after all, the people who assembled in droves were remakably well-behaved, there seemed to be enjoying themselves and I am in favour of anything that has people getting together for non-political reasons--So there !


Was told at the Head Office induction, that a lot of advertisements of the company's products appear on Cartoon Network . I remember bristling with righteous indignation--what about those of us who watch Pogo ?
Barney and Friends can do with more watchers--will do a proper review later, but was aghast to find that even Noddy was in Hindi. How mundane " yeh hai suhana din" sounds when compared to the original " It's a Happy Day ".


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