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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Learnt that the good site has just deemed it fit to post my last blog twice--yeh kya hua kyon hua kab hua.....

Have vacated my earlier residence and with the help of my father and a few others, have successfully expunged all traces of the life lived over the past five months at Colaba--a breezy life with exposure to adrenalin surges at unearthly hours, a lot of travel and meeting people, deepening and recapturing a long-last love for marketing and working hard, very hard. Remains to be seen what vestiges of these attributes continue in my new job.

And what are the learnings ? asks the keen reader-- a diffuclt poser at the best of times. Hmmm.... Well, don't work too hard, have the time to enjoy the roses as you race down work lanes--something like that.

Hiranandani seems to be pretty good for the nonce--lots of eateries, banks ( not as in Freddie the Fly ) and the odd bookstore. Staying in a place called Roda's , an EcoTel ( purportedly one whose heart bleeds more profusely for the environs ), and the househunt could commence tomorrow.

Just saw in a store that our worthies had made 175--great going for a set of models. And yes, maybe now's the time to say it, Freddie Flintoff is a favourite of mine now.

Just a parting shot on the Olympics--performance of the Games--Nesterenko smashing all the big names with impunity, visual spectacle of the Games--a theatrical performance from La Belle Isinbayeva, eminently watchable, prediction of the Games--Kelly Holmes in the 1500m, well all I really did was listen to the BBC World Service and they were sure, i did shock my parents though even as I pointed that out midway in the last lap, she was about 7th then, heartwarming moment of the Games--Hicham Hicham Hicham, was glad he won although Bekele has loads to prove, ovation of the Games--for the incomparable Pyrros Dimas--I heard it on the radio, our telly-suckers would have missed it, boy it comfortable dwarfed Martina's farewell at Wimbledon, the Don, Sampras last year--it went on and on and on--wow, that's loe for you and settles the Tebitt test to ( he's of Georgian stock ). I liked these Games !!!


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