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Friday, September 24, 2004


It’s working and a rejuvenated English side will battle the Windies in the final—on plan. Admittedly, didn’t get this right till before the semis , yet am happy that the old mind is alive and well. Pakistan must take a bow for being the gutsiest ( and most brazen ) team in the world—batting first, and then playing a debutant in this match of all—amazing. The Windies bowled within limits and were disciplined. How much Shoaib tried, almost beheading Lara ( who himself had begun to swing wildly ) –little avail. Sarwan seems to be maturing –still aver that Marlon Samuels is much the better bat.

Had an interesting conversation with someone the other day who was convinced that Freddie Flintoff had replaced Beckham as the “ all English family hero “ –down to lil Holly. A few dissimilarities though, the big fella seems to compete with a passion and unselfishness that is almost bucolic, and more importantly, Freddie can play.


Had acquired two books on one of these city visits—The Mystery of the Headless Horse –a Three Investigators story, and Workplace 2000—a former HR classic—all from the pavements of course. Managed to get the time to read the former last night—old memories, and fond ones at that, came flooding back. Settings clear, delineation of characters quite steady, fairly simple plots, dollops of reasoning, smart thinking and courage, a dash of humour here, some loaded statements there, nothing overdone and a pacy read from start to the end. A multitude of familiar proper nouns—Rocky Beach, The Jones Salvage Yard, the Ghost-to-Ghost Hookup, Red Gate Rover, Worthington-the golden-uniformed chauffeur of the Rolls-Royce—all served by an author called Robert Arthur—a highly recommended read.
Koi lautade mere, beete huye din…….

The good part about the market visits is that I know good restaurants in most parts of Bombay now—dined in the Grand Central , at Chembur today—clean place, great food and exemplary service. I was pleased and sated.


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