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Saturday, September 18, 2004


If Music be the Food of Love, well, eat on eat on.

After a good day following myriad practices of Medical Detailing, as is my wont, dodged a hi-fi Citibank prez at the hotel ( there were two guys who almost ushered me in, decisive that I was one of them ( I didn't know that I looked like a Citibanker, now ), and clambered onto a restaurant called Annalakshmi. It is dedicated to serving vegetarian food, as an offering fit for the Gods, and even donates some to charity. Rave reviews had preceeded my visit and I was naturally eager, and hungry to sample the fare.
And I was not disappointed--bowl after bowl of magical dals, koothhu, pachedis and dish after dish of varieties of rice. Topped off with some super payasam.
What I liked was none of the stuff actually tasted like non-home food and the service was desultory but personal and caring. Mark that down as well.

Just returned from a brand launch--no point mentioning as it will be only a Tamil Nadu thing over the next three months.


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