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Saturday, August 14, 2004


Am beginning this post with more than a tinge of trepidation-the last time I tried using the PC at my Panvel abode, the old thing wisely decided that most of what I write is garbled tripe anyway and duly proceeded to delete the entire contents. Similar to Newton & Diamond, except that the contents then were decidedly more important to the world.

Took the scenic route to Pune today, miraculously managed to get the written tests done on time, completed the legal audit and waltzed to the Boat Club. One of the more interesting seat positions for the questioner that I’ve witnessed.

The Expressway opening up vistas of loveliness and Nature at its best. Some boulders decided on their own to be closer to Mother Earth, nearly careened into unsuspecting cars and halted the merry-makers in their tracks. Still, it was a sight to behold and my latent Wordsworthian strains come gushing through. Had to do a reconnaissance visit for one of the hotels in Lonavla resorts that the big boys from Head Office will haunt during the next fortnight.

Remember someone remarking about the omnipresence of youngsters in India with weighing machines on pavements as an interesting way of earning a livelihood. Actually, it’s a wonder that in a land where relatives take umbrage at loved ones not partaking of second helpings and consequently weighing more rather than less, such an avowedly anti-customer profession can get any business at all. I mean, which otiose denizen in his/her right mind, would brave making a public spectacle of himself ?
Reminded me of the fellows on the Highway selling guavas ( only guavas, nothing else ). I know that guavas are a favourite with me but there are a great many of them with consistent regularity and seemed strange about their ability to fork out a livelihood with this specious commerce model.

Survived about an hour of Kill Bill on the telly before I let sanity prevail and shut the thing off. Teeming with profanities, mind-numbing violence, a chronology raked by Parkinson’s all effortlessly segued to overpower the elegies that I’d heard sung. Maybe I didn’t “get it”….

Find myself getting increasingly tetchy and restive these days—a bad song, a rotten book or movie have of late caught me out more than once. Perhaps I’m getting older ( but not wiser ) ….


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