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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The men in blue ( of Pepsi p(h)uddle infame ) flattered to deceive once more-fantastic sight as they conclusively proved that the best star cast needn't engender a great film.The dazzling array of batting riches couldn't get 230 runs when it mattered--that's good news for the cricket world as this was this increasingly deluded belief that we were up there with the best, in ODIs--and Jill came tumbling after.

The Lions did themselves no favour either with Sangakkara, Chandana & Dilshan all fined --a departure from their normally well-behaved brethren--haven't heard Jayasuriya, Mahanama, Tilleratne, Ratnayekes sledge at all--reinforcing that willpower cannot be Gordon-ed.Twas a good bowling performance,undone by some unimaginative lacklustre batting--the stats are ahead of us--1 in 13 is bad man.

The rains have come in gusty torrents--water water everywhere, and not a dry eye to blink. Miss those good old days when one actually used to get school called off due to rain--causing us to get dirty, splashy and wet anyway as we were homeward-bound.Wonder what kids do in Mawsynaram..
Alas, I cannot cite rain as a reason anymore except for missed travel deadlines.Some wonderful songs on the theme yesterday on Farishta--a old Hindi film music channel on Worldspace.

Tis strange that all songs I can remember set indoors looking out into the rain are misty, introspective, lonely and lyrical/musical. And all songs picturised outdoors are gay, carefree, escapist and merry. Of course Bollywood has made singing/dancing in the rain an art form of its own.
The only sad song I recollect while getting wet in the rain was " lagi aaj saavan ki phir woh jhadi hai"--Chandni--Wadkar & the humming Anupama Deshpande--but I could be mistaken.
The non-Indians seem to take it all very cheerily--Singin' in the Rain, Raindrops keep falling on my head ( imagine crooning Hailstones keep... )

Haven't kept mentally well at all over the past week--some really pensive posers on whether I have really found my oeuvre here and all of that. Might be I need a change of setting...

Picked up The Strategic Safari and a book by Margaret Atwood--am looking forward to reading those. Am a little listless, perhaps because of the weather ( inclement weather, as the cruciverbalist will point out ). Have made a conscious choice to try and sleep before the stroke of midnight instead of watching the gripping Barney and Friends on Pogo at 1 am, and maybe this is the price for being abstemious.

No movie watched in a very long time--will try and rectify that this weekend.

Caught a song on FM that sounded right and was gratified to find that my guess for the lady singer was right--Sadhana Sargam, an underrated songstress if ever there was one. Thought to myself that it was perpexing that lady singers with much less sheer vocal prowess--Sunidhi Chauhan, Ms.Narula, Sanjeevani, Anuradha Sriram , Hema Sardesai,Alisha etc have found many more catchy songs than someone who prima facie may be more talented.
Sonu Nigam seems to be vacillating between an out-and-out entertainer and a wonderfully skilled playback--Abhijeet, Sanu, Vinod Rathod, Babul Supriyo seem to have disappeared.
We may not have the days of a chosen few dominate the scene a la Rafi Lata Kishore anymore.

I wish I could win the Tour de France --been so long since I've been on a good cycle. The corpulent kids near my abode wade by....


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