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Monday, August 23, 2004


Changing status quo engenders many a chore—other than the maudlin weepiness that afflicts my type. There are innumerable petty tasks to be done , which left undone can rain untold miseries on an unsuspecting job-hopper. Painstaking affairs of redirecting all mail, post, telephone calls and the ubiquitous “I have moved” kinda messages which for some reason can never be done together .
The onerous task of saying adieu to those loved ones and unloved ones is irksome and can degenerate into a chore in itself, and hence the many safeguards against this…
The monstrosities involved in making the place you shall leave behind a habitable and civilized one is again a Sissyphean ordeal.
Fiscal matters are best left alone—having long since lost track of my accounts and their locations.

Oh, woe is me


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