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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Been a rough ride the last few days--been buried with a legal conundrum that had spiralled way beyond expectation, and drowned most of us office-goers in its wake. Met with a fruitful culmination today topped off with a grand lunch at the Maratha ( Burp ! ) All talk of reducing weight remains just that--prattle .

Summoned the ebullience, fortitude and stamina to actually participate in a quiz on Sunday-Armageddon 04, organised by the enterprising kids at the BMS course of the eponymously named MCC, Mulund Colle(a)ge of Commerce--a jamboree that pulled in CRY and quite a few other unlikely sponsors for the event. Partnered by Vibhendu Tiwari ( an old Symbiosis friend ) . Just missed qualifying but thought we managed to answer quite a few finals questions--like D Mongia ejaculating--yes, methinks I can handle Shoaib quite well today--nice doddering stream but to no actual gain.When we were kings ....

The Olympics are upon us--how fast Father Time strides--seems only a jiffy ago that I had launched a Bhopal-wide hunt to buy a tV before the festivities began--in fact some of those TV brands have died out too. Remember thinking that I'd surely change my TV in four years--my recidivist strains impel me to admit that I'm doing nothing of the kind.

Have made my move on the professional front too--have thrown in the towel and shall change coordinates by month-end


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