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Friday, July 23, 2004

The week has been a mixed bag--a week that draws the curtain on seemingly incessant infernal travel during the wee hours ( I shudder to think of these timings in winter--brrr ! ). Monday was fine--as usual the day after reaching base camp one buries the nose in work, feckless paper and insane tele-calls.

Tuesday hit Pune in one of the earlier times ( eight in the morning is early enough )--a classy drive on the Expressway ( or as my driver quaintly puts it, the Pressway ), was expectantly looking past all those wonderful shacks in Lonavla even as I answered yet another pointless call, the mountains were misty, white and spectacular and had more than half a mind to communicate to all concerned that the car had broken down, order for a sandwich, stretch and pass the time of day ( as we are in the midst of serene phantasms , the radio playing Clayderman might be good ). Alas, cruel is the day and age !!
The work was fine and for once I had the time to step into my old haunt, Main Street. By God it has changed since I last saw it--Barista at one end is followed by a stream of swanky yuppy places, and with a twinge and a pang I sadly concluded that this was no more a student's chateau but that which unmistakeably belonged to the employed the pragmatic and the mundane. Anyway found my way to Budhani's --the makers of all things sinful, grabbed two packs of everything and rushed back to the car which only found parking place a mile away.

Ahmedabad was on a sticky day--professionally, and although one of my friends invited me to his hearth where his grandfather's friends awaited me, felt obliged to refuse and hurry on to the airport.

Of course since then have spent two days trying to get the WorldSpace team to get the contraption fixed--as of now, the first day saw the receiver received, and the second has seen a reconnaissance on the length of wire required. The antenna Seems a sitting duck to the mischief-mongers although the serviceman assures me thal kal sab ho jayega--we shall see.


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