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Friday, July 23, 2004

Visited about five supermalls all over this part of the city--Phoenix Mills, and all that. As my friend was in the mood to really shop for clothes, we trudged slong muttering dark threats as he pulled up one eyesore after another. Admittedly, I'm a bit foggy on this sartorial elegance bit at my best, and after a heavly lunch, what with the mind not ebing where it should, it was a belaboured and chancy effort to keep pace. I also wondered, much in the vein of Mark Twain, that there was so ( accent on the last syllable ) much stuff that I did not want. A simple soul is content with a few basic needs, and I was not swayed or persuaded.As my other friend is an interesting and arresting conversationalist, I learnt something about the nuances of the advertising world--A.D.D., Big Pitches ( a crafty spoonderism here by my tactful ally )and even where ideas come from.

This hyperactive drive reminded me of another similar excursion in upmarket SouthEx with another good pal, at that time accompanied with another of his cronies, who was migrating to England. The crony had taken it upon herself that she would walk , talk and dress like an Englishwoman and the multifarious results were disastrous but hilarious. Of course, it helped that I did not know the person before or since, otherwise what was an avuncular indulgence might well have turned truculent. Remember musing then, it really does take all kinds to make the world--my knowledge of Englishwomen limited to the likes of Harriet Vane, Jo Durie and possibly Princess Di, nothwithstanding.

The shopping blitz culminated in a clatter of thunder and lightning after which we headed back to the old road replete with horses and horsey people.A quiet dinner on a place on the Causeway watching the rain come down on Bombay--as he put it, twas a poignant monent indeed.But it is quite a pleasure to sprawl on the next next to the sea --garrulous but reflective-ha.

The next being Sunday was a far more mundane affair with only the Causeway to meander along. Hit the Fashion Street where my friend was appalled to find that formal fullsleeved shirts retailed at about one-twentieth of an outlet. What''s the catch, he kept yelling and he quickly switched to imprecations on not having brought him there the previous day.

A wrong turn on my part--mistook one restaurant for another and before we knew it, we walked down the length of the Marine Drive--more imprecations but also more calories
burnt :)
Actually had to switch eating joints ( Kamling being an apology of a Chinese eatery )after we found midway through the soup that it was a serious error of culinary judgement--ended with a sizzler and steak bar--hmmm !!

Some more leisured confabulations later, the chapter closed on an erratic but memorable weekend.

The Copa America seemed strangely anaemic--anathema to the tumultous fare dished out by the Latinos--deservedly, A & B are in the final.


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