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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Spent the whole of yesterday dazed in the room gazing up at the trainer, desperately trying to hocus-focus while battling a contumacious headache. Hence, Slept at 10 AM, that would be about the earliest in a very long time. Was better this morning. All stemming from an misguided effort to complete a tome called Parallel Thinking by de Bono, coupled with the painfully familiar waking hours.

Just strolled down the length of Park Street before settling on this I-way which seemd to print before I even type--yeah, that's an exaggeration--must be by still-dazed mind.

My addled brain is yet to comprehend how my favourite fruit is a full five times cheaper here in Calcutta than in Bangalore ( yup, had a guava too amidst the dinnner and two choc sundaes there ) . Plonked down a fiver , picked up the four pieces and was on the verge of walking away when the vendor returned four rupees.I shall shortly repair to the Music World outler of course.
The weather is on the humid side, but one manages.

Planning to have a safe and workless Saturday--have begun praying too.


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