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Monday, July 05, 2004

Oh Lord, I am forced to eat my words on the finality of my prognosis that the Russian women are not yet ready to topple the tennis world.--and hence my diffidence in ratiocinating on the reasons for the same.
Federer was way off the mark and still managed to win handily. I;ve known Wimbledon winners triumphing with noticeably less standards than Roddick in losing--Krajicek & Hewitt spring first here.Even then, the languidity of the Swiss' game is praiseworthy, poetry personified. The guy himself seems to me a bit of a freak, no coach, no discernible sports background, no pushy father and all that--and I think the media colludes in saddling him with a low profile. Am wistful --he reminds me of Mecir, Novotna or even Mia Audina. How many of us can play like that, or for that matter, do anything with the economy of effort ?( And yet, I don't really like him )
For a change, my favourite doubles team was nowhere to be seen--coverage to this form of the game remains scanty and sporadic.

Returned from an exacting and gruelling trip to ModiLand--humid and sweaty, but personally satisfying as I see myself finally mustering the strenght to break through the inertial mass of lassitude and custom.And yes, my temper wore thin at times-something I had resolved to moderate.

Nothing significant to read on the weekend--there are some tabloids like ToI which will never rise above their popular cricket-cinema-lifestyle kitsch.

Greece won, hail the hellenes--there are enough "fixed" canards doing the rounds--will do say that Portugal never looked like being the best team, and by inference, Rahhagel's men deserved what they got. What a story !!

It's raining c & d --streets are slippery and snaky and no bhutta, guavas in sight, am in the wrong place, I know.

Have endeavoured to add two sibilant links to my blog and given my proven IT performance, it ought to connect by September 2006.
Welcome GT, NB & GS.

Will be in Bangalore on Friday and Saturday, my woe is I have to hit Bhopal & Pune before that-so loads of work beckons, bring out the kerchief !

Abd now for the other Russian Sharapova, sensed a lot of misguided hubris amidst the layers of tenacity and yes, ability. The Williams have very clearly relegated the game to a pastime, Davenport and Capriati are on the verge of riding off into the sunset, and to her credit, the lass took full advantage. Nothing immensely new about her game, chip off the old Bolletieri block.We wait and watch.

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