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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Just returned from a refreshing jaunty stroll to the Library--didn't feel like leaving it--picked a smattering of hackneyed books to last the long journeys ahead.

Was banished from the TV room yesterday by Mum & Gran, on the grounds that I'd been allowed to watch Wimbledon the day before and hence time to even things up. So swallowing my still-forming arguments, I took my troubles to the living room. The little thingummy that my sister had picked up somewhere came in handy--the itsy-bitsy FM receiver, which has three succintly named buttons--scan, reset, on. The reception was quite clear and guess whom did we zero in on ??Ameen Sayani of course, interviewing the once-we-were-kings Anand Milind----they did play the old QSQT songs on the guitar pretty well though the hits had an Occidental feel.

Now for the road ahead, i cover Pune on 7th, Bhopal on 8th, Bangalore on 9th & 10th, Kolkata on 12th to 14th, Ahmedabad on 15th & Nagpur on the 16th.
Where are the tickets ??Dunno
How will I get the tickets ?Dunno
Where will I stay ?Dunno
These are trivila questions--musafir ho yaaron.
Or else Saara jahaan hamara!


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