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Friday, July 30, 2004

I've finally arrived--not in the nirvanic sense, but have found admission to the select clique of about 55, 000 proud WorldSpace users in India.After metres of intractable wires and drilling through all kinds of obdurate solid objects, the set has been fixed. Not the most elegant scene at its best--the wire having to cut across the door to j-u-s-t reach the set a la a DDLJ, still the music seems to be worth it. Of course, I fully expect that I will soon catch myself pondering some days hence whether this was the object of my heart's desire. Like most facets of life, perhaps the yearning stage is the most exciting and enlivening. In the same breath, I can safely add that my music system still gives me untold happiness--much much after the company slashed prices causing every Nikhil-Vinay listener to own the brand. Yes, in those heady days, there will still people who came miles to look at the system, and innocently remarked--haan, lekin table boora nahin hain--causing spasms and paroxysms.( The table has since withered-its youthful charms yielding to the inexorable march of time, and yes, some shoddy maintenance )
Early days--have yet to tire of Up Country--many acoustic miles to go before I sleep.

A much-awaited detour on Tuesday--was up at the regular hour to Aurangabad in the sweaty pursuits of honest work. Was awestruck and stupefied to find the temperature was 20 C when I landed--roads were wide, level and the sidewalks plenty and green--ended up getting much more than I bargained for. Would have loved to have discussions on the inviting lawns than in the stuffy hotel room . Learnt to my chagrin that Ellora was only 25 kms away and with some foresight and better planning, could have made it with tie to spare.Ruder shocks at the airport on the way back--as the place is under renovation, it resembles a greenhouse crossed with the mortal remains of Angkor Vat, but the security guards and ground personnel of the AAAI actually smiled and greeted me . Here I was expecting surly truculence and was floored with the welcoming politeness that seemed to come naturally to these folks. I am impressed, and like MacArthur, i shall return.

Back to the charade on Wednesday--late night flight which lost no time ( pun intended ) in making itslef and early morn --reached the hotel room at 12 30 and pored over the engrossing presentation till 2 AM . Came back today--Bombay is swathed in streams --am on The Essential Drucker, was helpful in getting me some much-needed sleep.

Caught the India-SL match sometime ago--of course, the pundits will be crowing from the rooftops about Ganguly's tactical acumen--thought Jayasuriya got bored/altruistic.What was galling was the spiteful vituperations that our captain threw at Chandana stealing a run when the ball went off his body, and Kumble conniving to unleash a backhanded flick to dismiss a batsman backing up too far--commentators maintaining a stoic silence. Most of these guys are pro-India because that's where the moolah is, man .

Spiderman, Spiderman--some Buble guy crooning off-key--what the tune reminds me of is the DD serial with some child prattling this programme brought to you by Pioma Industries--Rasna Rasna.

Seems suddenly everyone I grew up to in the sports arena is/was on dope--this negation of some fond memories will be tough on the soul.It's quite an effort to even imagine that Gebreselassie, Cacho, Lewis were drugged all along. As they say, this age is devoid of heroes--Steve Rodger, where are thou ??

Klinsmann back--once my favourite footballer, at the helm of a depleted and unenthusiastic German side.

The morrow will be a vapid day--some tests to be done, a few magazine renewals.

It's a petrifying thought that if I change job locations at this rate, I may never have a PAN number--help me my dear FM .


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