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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Been a strenuous day, straining every sinew and stretching in every direction--that's what happens one has two weeks backlog to contend with--and I have manfully struggled to confront these odious piles.The sanitised cleanliness of my room is back to its bohemian disorder with heartening celerity, and I feel at home once more ( Ironical !)

The three days in Calcutta were nice and balmy from a work-point of view --strolled dwon the expanses of Park Street, and was left sullen as yet another Music store denied me my wares. Slept very early and got up at a decent time.

Tis a very long flight from Calcutta and managed to complete about four short stories in a compendium from Marquez himself--rather morbid, and talks incessantly on death--these are some of his earlier works, or so the blurb proclaims.

The whole world is full of Kunzru's Transmission -- he always was a tech giant and this manifests in most interviews.

Will be a long night yet as I have to devise mendacious ways to explain why I will need some of the budgeted amounts from Q1--yep, we run on quarters too.

I wish I had some of those pinkies that some other sites have--the ones which state what one is reading, listening to, working on, hating and all that.

Met up with a great pal from my firm in Calcutta, and had many a heated exchange on education, books, music and people--this would be a favoured combo for me. He has introduced me to a site on which he writes-will let you know when I see it.

Off to Ahmedabad on the morrow-the prayers on avoiding Saturday habe taken on a maniacal intensity now.Hope to catch up with an old friend-one of my most admired and respected there.


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